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About Us

Al Hayat Cement Factory L.L.C was established as a producer and supplier of small level traders


Welcome to Al Hayat Cement Factory LLC

Since 2006, Al Hayat Cement Factory L.L.C expanded it's cement production to meet the fast growing construction industry within the UAE.

In 2006, after having recognized the rapidly growing demand for cement products. Al Hayat cement further progressed by investing on better plant equipping AHC with the first unit in the UAQ.

In 2010, Al Hayat company took agains giant leap to improve it's facility with the approval of expansion plans. AHC acquired a land in a strategic location and signed a deal with interactional partners to supply plant and machinery for the new state-of-art cement products factory, resulting to an annual product of 600,000 tons.

Today almost one decade in the business, Al Hayat cement has gained unparalleled expertise in the areas of product quality, Human resource development in well equipped to meed the market requirements and demands with the latest and advanced technology at our command.

Management People

Great businesses are never built on the quick sands of opportunism. I reiterate that, if living by our values means, perhaps growing at a pace slower than we would otherwise have liked, so be it. For us, leadership lies at the heart of knowing what we stand for.

AL Hayat Cement Factory L.L.C

My vocation is to strive continuously, to reach excellence in all spheres of management, by weaving the threads of enterprise, knowledge, experience, ideas and tasks into a fabric that can be called ‘management’.
From the bottom to the top of our company, everything from the little man to the big man grows. Our company has been a big company since its inception till now we have only one principle that….
All together and All development

AL Hayat Cement Factory L.L.C

Our Team

Rana Qammar Uz Zaman
(Finance Manager)

Waqar Ahmed Shaikh
(Operation Manager)

(Relationship Manager)